TDA Flutter Developer

Candidate skillset

  • Dart/Flutter – must have – fluent in both, familiar with BLOC lib, capable to write Flutter plugins
  • pixel perfect attitude – must have
  • Kotlin, Swift, Java – nice to have – bindings to native platforms.

Employment type

  • 7 000 - 14 000 PLN net/month B2B
  • 6 000 - 12 000 PLN gross/month Permanent

TDA... uhm, what?

TDA, so the Trusted Digital Assistant, or simply a “digital twin”, more known as Marvel's J.A.R.V.I.S. A really powerful tool that exists to support us in everyday life from buying tickets to the cinema / plane, through collaboration with other "digital twins" for regular communication or using the services they offer. What we do care most, however, is the reversal of common trend nowadays which is enclosing data, our data and data about us, in data silos. These silos are controlled by big players that are using them for their own purposes, which are not necessarily aligned with the purposes of an individual. We have the concept how to change that, but in order to do, we need help, perhaps your help to achieve the goal. In particular we aim to build a technology that will support this goal. It is indeed ambitious goal to achieve, perhaps needing several years to make it happen, synergy of various technologies, but yet, we want to do it.

If the overall concept attracted or intrigued you somehow, do not hesitate to contact us!

We develop TDA under umbrella of the Human Colossus Foundation:

We've built a very basic version of TDA for the purpose of project: .


What TDA is today is a blend of various concepts/ideas/technologies, among which the most important are:

  • SSI: idea/movement of changing the direction of information flow. A switch from federation model to a truly decentralized model, where an individual is at the centre. Good introduction to SSI: (part I) and .
  • ACDC: as the entire world of supply chains relies on a unified container platform for the transport of goods, ACDC aims for an interoperable and secure platform for data transfer. More:
  • OCA: data harmonization essentials. There are many standards and ontologies of data semantics, but very few provide an interoperable layer to combine them. Probably the term schema is familiar to you -- we use OCA to buid schemas on steroids.
  • KERI: an alternative architecture (successor?) to blockchain in the SSI movement. Technologically and conceptually will “blow your mind”. More: or simply
  • TDA today consists of backend, that is built upon HyperLedger Aries (Python) with our own extensions. Frontend is based on Javascript and Typescript (VueJS) with a small addition of Kotlin (we plan to replace it with Rust anyway). All enclosed to VE (Docker + Docker Compose).

Our offer:

  • The ability to work on a project that will put people back in control of the information that belongs to them, which is currently scattered across many "data silos" over which we have no control;
  • Working with technologies that are just emerging and working with concepts that are just getting in shape. By operating in such environment, we have the ability to build an ecosystem that will lay a solid foundation for specific use cases. Lack of routine guaranteed;
  • Influencing the direction of development of a technology that just emerges. Our daily basis are ie. implementing still warm RFC's, or baking them... This offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of the impact on the current and future shape of the libraries that implement them;
  • Ability to participate in the working groups. W tej kwestii ściśle współpracujemy z fundacjami , oraz .
  • “green field development” mostly, no legacy code.
  • 100% remote work.
  • Dedicated time for personal development within the working time (e.g. contributing to OSS, gaining knowledge, writing a blog, etc.).

We expect:

  • To be open minded with positive attitude. Our tech world that we are operating in is vast and grasping the crucial concepts is essential for problem solving on a daily basis.
  • To be self-organized as we work 100% remotely.
  • To be skilled in the tool set from your workshop.
  • To have the pixel perfect attitude as what you do on a daily basis not only works, but also looks nice!

uhm... but I feel I am not so skillet yet...

No worries! Contact us and lets discuss it. Perhaps we'll find an intermediate solution and apply different approach, some kind of an internship. During that time you'll build your skill set with the tools. In the end both sides will be happy.

How to apply:

If you feel positive vibrations as you have read the above even though you might not fully understand what we are doing (yep, it's complicated), you still would like to try nonetheless, write a few sentences where you could help us (e.g. why your person will be valuable for the team, or in what technologies you can help us) and apply with your CV! By the way, we do not force you to prepare a cover letter, but we really value at least few sentences from your side.

Finally, if we will feel the same while reading your application, expect a reply usually in a few days. The recruitment process usually looks as follows: We will setup a meeting through one of the popular online meeting platforms (we prefer Zoom), where we will explain to you our plan and how we want to achieve it. Then, we would like to hear more about you. We will test your tool set and your skills while using it. We will do it by doing a project, which if you will decide to perform, we will then discuss together. Apart from that, we would like to discuss more generally all the aspects related to daily work. Let's call it a project evaluation combined with a technical interview. Finally, we will inform you about the interview results.